Liz and I started working together on a Wednesday

On Monday, she closed her first $5,000 coaching client.

Dana got a client within a few DAYS of using the Alpha Lead Academy method.

“With just a few tweaks based on Michal’s training, I closed 3 new retainer deals which paid me back 500% on the investment.”


Christopher Agace, Legal Advisor to SMEs

My first LinkedIn video, made with Michal’s guidance, got me 10 times more engagement than anything else before.

Candice Lee Shulman

Executive Coach to Tech CEOs

“The twice-weekly calls with you were absolutely essential for my positioning.


And when I started doing content your way, I got myself a new client that paid me back 3x the LinkedIn Bootcamp investment.


No wonder I've recommended you already several times.”


Volkmar Koch, Digital Transformation Consultant

“We had to revise our revenue forecast up by 50% after working with Michal for a few months.”

Jason Ku

CEO of Pirical,

an HR Tech Company Serving Legal Firms

“Michal cuts through the crap.


I was going into far too many directions with my LinkedIn marketing.


Michal gave me a step-by-step process to follow that actually gets me results.”

Paula McMullan

High Performance Coach For Lawyers

“Michal has been a real partner to our business. With him, we ran the - by far - best marketing project in all of 2018.”


Nitzan Yudan, CEO of Benivo, an HR Tech Firm

Anonymous Competitor

I have a few competitors who train with me 1-1.

Some prefer to not publish their names.